Rates & Reservations

Wolf's Den Family Campground Fall Foliage
Wolf's Den Family campground playground
2019 Rates
Season Dates: May 3rd - October 27th
Nightly $52.00 per night.
2 night minimum on Friday & Saturday.
Weekly $312.00 per week.
Pay for 6 nights and get the 7th night FREE!
Monthly $875.00 per month.
2 night minimum on Friday & Saturday.
Holiday Weekends $199.00 for holiday weekends.
3 night minimum.
Columbus Day Weekend $165.00 for Columbus Day weekend.
3 night minimum.
Miscellaneous Information & Details
Camping rates are per family (two adults and their unmarried children living at home). Additional people will be considered visitors and visitor’s rates will apply.
  • Payment for weekend reservations is due within 5 days of date the reservation is made. Payment in full is expected at the time the reservation is made if there is less than 5 days until check in.
  • Reservations for a week or a month require 50% deposit within 5 days of date the reservation is made unless there is less than 5 days until check in. If there is less than 5 days until check in the full amount is required.
  • Camping sites include water, electricity, grey water, and satellite TV. No sewer on sites. Free dump station on premises.
  • If your site is available we offer early check in for a $10.00 fee. Please call ahead to confirm site availability.
  • 7 days notice required for refunds.
  • No refunds due to inclement weather.
Guest Rates
Adults (Ages 18 & up) $8.00 daily or $16.00 overnight
Children (Ages 5-17) $6.00 daily or $12.00 overnight
No charge for children 4 & under.
No visitor’s pets allowed. All visitors must park in a free designated parking area or pay an on-site visitor parking fee of $10.00.
Check Out Our Spring & Fall Deals
Spring Deal
May 3rd - June 2nd
Fall Deal
August 23rd - October 27th
  • Camp any number of consecutive weekends during these time frames and pay only for weekends!
  • Receive free storage on your site during the week (unit unplugged.)
  • Additional fee to leave unit plugged in.
  • Call our office today for more information and site availability!
Seasonal site
Seasonal site
Seasonal site
2020 Seasonal Sites Available
A seasonal site is an affordable way for your family to enjoy camping at Wolf’s Den Family Campground. Hassle free is what seasonal camping is all about. Once you’ve set up in the spring you’re ready to camp for the season! Considering a seasonal site? Call 860-873-9681 today! Our seasonal sites are rented to one family unit (two adults & unmarried children living at home) per site. Sites are available on a first come, first serve basis.
Seasonal Site $3,375.00
Wolf's Den
Wolf's Den Family Campground Recreation Hall
Wolf's Den Family Campground Kids Halloween
On-Site Rental Trailers
“Everything You Need in a Summer Getaway”
Want to camp but don’t have the equipment? Trying to entice family or friends to give camping a try? Working in conjunction with Gustine’s RV Sales & Service, we are proud to offer on-site trailer rentals for campers who don’t have their own RVs. Equipped with full kitchens, air conditioning and much more, these models offer all the comforts of home.

With both single bedroom styles for 2-4 people and bunk models for 6-7 people available, families of all sizes can enjoy camping together. Each campsite is equipped with a fireplace and a picnic table as well as the trailer’s own awning, making it easy to enjoy the great outdoors. Pack up the kids and come on in. Rentals are available just for weekends or for extended stays so give us a call today to find out more about how our rental trailers may be the perfect answer for you. Get ready!

Rental Trailer #66

Rental Trailer #192

Nightly $150.00 per night.
(2 night minimum.)
Holiday $175.00 per night.
(3 night minimum for holidays.)
Weekly $750.00 per week.
  • Payment for weekend reservations is due within 5 days of date the reservation is made. Payment in full is expected at the time the reservation is made if there is less than 5 days until check in.
  • Reservations for a week or more require 50% deposit with in 5 days of date the reservation is made. Payment in full is expected at the time the reservation is made if there is less than 5 days until check in.
  • Rental fee is for one family unit (two adults and their unmarried living at home children). Fee for additional guests. Tents and other RVs are not allowed on rental sites.
  • There is a $200 CASH ONLY security/cleaning deposit due upon check in. Deposit is refunded within 7 days of check-out subject to inspection of rental unit condition. To ensure the comfort of our future guests, no smoking and no pets are allowed in our rental units.
  • Check in: 4:00PM
  • Check out: 12:00PM
  • Cancellations made less than 7 days before arrival are not eligible for a refund.
  • We reserve the right to substitute a unit with similar floor plan and accommodations if necessary.

We are now taking reservations for the 2019 season.

Reservation Request Form

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Reservation Request
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